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Latham, New York is the second largest city in Upstate New York. Located right between Buffalo and up to Rochester, New York, the city was chosen as one of the top cities in the United States by the U.S. Olympic Committee. The world renowned orthodontist, Dr. Arthur Berenshteyn, treats patients throughout New York and the surrounding areas. In the last few years, Berenshteyn’s practice has grown considerably. He now serves a large number of patients who are seeking cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, bonding, bridge work and other similar services.

Orthodontics in Latham are offered by numerous orthodontists and dentists. This year, the owner of Clifton Park Orthodontics in Latham started a program called “American Dental Assistants” to help those who wanted to improve their oral health but could not afford traditional braces. The office offers both general dentistry and orthodontics treatments. This helped many of its patients to save hundreds of dollars per month on the cost of braces.

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When Berenshteyn established his office in 2021, many of his patients were longtime hockey players who had fallen out of shape after retirement. The goal of this program was to not only provide cosmetic dentistry services but orthodontics as well. This helped many patients to regain the full use of their mouths. In addition, Berenshteyn found that many young adults in his practice are avid racquet and baseball players who had suffered injuries while playing spor

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Berenshteyn began the practice of orthodontics in Latham because he felt that there were a lot of areas of need among this demographic. He began with a small office located off of Rodeo Drive in the center of Latham. Today, that office serves patients throughout the city of Latham. He hopes to expand the practice into other communities in the future. Right now, Berenshteyn works mainly with individuals, but he says he would also consider offering dental services to businesses if that is something that increases his clientele.

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A typical appointment at Berenshteyn consists of a pre-interview with a qualified orthodontist who evaluates the patient’s mouth. Berenshteyn says that most orthodontic professionals have a few patients who they work in conjunction with on a regular basis. Many orthodontists offer complimentary evaluations during this time, although this varies from office to office. Once the orthodontic professional has decided on the best treatment plan for a patient, then the patient and his or her parents can begin working with the orthodontist to find a location in Latham that will allow him or her to complete the necessary steps to receive the treatments required.

Many adults in Latham have orthodontic needs that are not met by their dentist. Because of this, Berenshteyn offers many different types of services to help those in need. From braces to appliances and other types of procedures, Berenshteyn offers a wide range of services that can be done by an orthodontic professional in Latham. Because of this, Berenshteyn often has several offices strategically located in areas where many other dentists are not present. This allows adults in Latham to receive the orthodontic treatment that they need, when they most need it.

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Many adults in Latham have tried tooth extraction as a means of straightening their teeth, but most do not like the results. Extraction is not a pleasant experience and can leave adult patients with deep pockets that will remain after the treatment is completed. An orthodontist in Latham may offer a different way to correct the teeth. The orthodontist may use bands or brackets to put tension on the teeth and in the jaw area. This allows the orthodontist to make a more natural arch on the teeth and jaws of the adults in Latham.

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With so many adults needing orthodontics in Latham, an orthodontist in Latham has a number of patients that he or she must fill. If you know of an adult in Latham that needs orthodontics, you may want to take them to your orthodontist’s office. You can be sure that they will be treated with great care and attention by one of the many orthodontists in Latham. With their expert advice and procedures, you can get back to having the smile and full mouth that you have always wanted.