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Have you been searching for an emergency dentist in Northampton? We provide a full range of basic and specialty dental services, from routine dental exams and screening to teeth whitening and orthodontic maintenance. Our experienced dentists are also skilled in periodontics, orthodontics, and implant surgery. If you’re in need of immediate dental care, contact Emergency Dentist Northampton immediately.

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One common problem is a tooth that has been knocked out. This can result from a fall, accident, sports injury, or other damage to the tooth. If a tooth has fallen out, it can lead to pain and swelling around the impacted area. Because the tooth doesn’t have the nerve endings to feel touch, this is typically accompanied by an audible wheezing. Other symptoms include pain when chewing, sensitivity to touch, and the need to chew harder to move food around. If you experience any of these symptoms, talk to your Emergency Dentist Northampton immediately.

24/7 Emergency Dentists Northampton, MA:

Another common dental emergency is a cracked tooth. Sometimes, this comes from the side of the tooth where the edge is weak. If it is crackling when you chew or if there is a noticeable redness in your mouth, talk to your dentist immediately. Your dentist will examine your tooth and take X-rays in order to determine if there is any damage to the root of the tooth. This can help them quickly diagnose what the problem is, and they can suggest how to fix it.

Emergency Dentist For Toothache:

One of the most common reasons for a patient contacting Emergency Dentistry Northampton is because of a severe toothache. Whether it is a mild one or something more serious, toothaches can cause more pain and discomfort than you might realize. If you’re experiencing severe pain in your teeth or your mouth, talk to your Emergency Dentist Northampton promptly.

24 Hrs Dental Flossing:

Often a part of a cleaning process, dental flossing is another way to avoid future dental problems. If you do not floss on a daily basis, talk to your dentist immediately. By flossing regularly, your dentist can pick up anything that may be leftover on your teeth. This can prevent cavities and other problems later on.

Emergency Implant Dentistry Northampton, MA:

 An emergency might also arise if your tooth has been accidentally replaced with another tooth. If you have lost a tooth, your dentist will be able to place it on your other teeth quickly to avoid further dental problems. In many cases, the tooth will be stable enough to be functional; however, it is important that you contact your dentist immediately. Implant dentistry is often very successful, but it should not be attempted by someone who is not experienced with this procedure.

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