Family Dentist in Farmington, CT

Are you looking for a Family Dentist in Farmington, CT?

We can help you out in many ways, including taking care of your child’s teeth and providing adult dentistry services. There are many benefits to visiting a Fynd Dental Care in Farmington, CT. We offer complete dental services with a smile, from routine dental check-ups and cleanings to orthodontic treatments or dental implants. We can provide complete treatment plans, regardless of how easy or complicated your problems are. Dental hygiene is a collaborative effort, and we’ll spend a lot of time providing you with practical guidelines for caring for your teeth at all phases of their development.

Pediatric Dentistry in Farmington, CT

At our practice, we offer various techniques, including x-rays. Because children’s mouths constantly change, our dentists consider how specific treatments affect their permanent teeth. We also use x-rays to evaluate the extent of any oral injury or infection and plan orthodontic treatment. By using x-rays, our pediatric dentists can diagnose and treat various problems that are not visible during an oral exam. Early detection and treatment also result in less expensive treatment. In addition to preventative treatment, our dentists provide education on the importance of a child’s oral health. Our dentists can apply dental sealants, give advice to parents about healthy eating habits, and demonstrate proper home dental hygiene. Our pediatric dentist can also discuss early oral treatments with the parents, such as nighttime mouth guards or reconstructive procedures. This can ensure that your child’s oral health stays at its highest potential.

Teens Dentistry in Farmington, CT

While visiting the dentist is a necessary part of the overall dental care process, it is essential for teens’ children. While they may not understand the importance of regular dental visits, they can easily express their concerns and be given the proper attention they need. We have experience in treating children of all ages and making sure their visits are as fun and educational. In addition, many dentists will have kid-friendly environments, including colorful walls and books for young children.

Adult Dentistry in Farmington, CT

Many adults over the age of 60 are tempted to put off regular checkups and dental procedures. However, regular dental care can save the elderly from many unnecessary health problems. Regular checkups and cleanings will prevent decay and other dental problems that could worsen heart disease or diabetes. Missing teeth and improperly fitted bridges can affect a senior’s ability to eat and sleep properly. If you would like to be considered for this program, you must meet specific qualifications. You must be eligible for Medicaid or another low-income program and have a severe health condition that requires extensive dental care. It is a unique program and requires a lot of work. Once you are approved, you are responsible for keeping your oral health at an acceptable level. Please get in touch with us to schedule a free consultation in Farmington, CT, to receive more information to apply.

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